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Corporate Policy of Organization

Corporate Policy is realization of the Organization's Mission for constant meeting the Consumers' requirements and Stakeholders' social welfare when rendering such service packages as:
trade and commerce intermediary agent;
freight forwarding agent for cargo transport arrangement;
transport and travel agent for trips arrangement;
informational & consulting agent for Commerce and Managing issues.

For successful implementation of the Policy:
     We stick to the following Organization principles:

transparent and open operation of the Organization when providing the Consumers' and Stakeholders'   balance of interests;
quality improvement and output of safety product;
respect for norms of international and national legislation in force on environment, health care maintaining,   operational safety and social responsibility when managing and organizing processes of product output;
improvement of ecology and environmental protection;
reasonable usage of natural resources, raw materials and energy, basing on the improvement of   technological processes, particularly due to the reduce of water and energy supply usage;
constant improvement of the system for prevention and liquidation of emergency;
health care maintaining and operational safety of the Staff and people;
support of constant improvement of knowledge of the Staff on environmental protection, involvement into   the implementation of the Corporate policy and objectives of Organization;
constant monitoring of the impact to the environment;
cooperation with suppliers and partners on the environmental protection issues;
improvement of the social relations system in the labor collective and remuneration system;
creation of favorable climate of relations in the Organization;
creation of the Staff development system and young Staff encouragement through complex vocational   training;
improvement of integrated Management System using the necessary resources;
introduction of innovations, usage of modern infrastructure and providing its further development.

     We are governed by:
the Constitution of Russian Federation;
International and National Legislative Acts and regulatory Documents;
The Statute of Organization;
Labor Contract;
Rules of Labor Order;
Methodological Instructions.

    Concerning the State, the organization is good faith taxpayer, which actively participates (through its representatives) in the functioning of public organizations, consultative and advisory bodies, being the partner of social useful projects in art, culture, education, vocational training, sport, health care maintaining and environmental protection.

                Implementation of the present Corporate Policy is the priority and primary concern for the whole Staff and Stakeholders, it allows development and positions of the Organization in the national and world markets, introduces the corporate motto "Just in time".

The present Policy:
    1. Was approved by the Organization Council on February 22, 2008.
    2. Enters into force from 22.02.2008 sine die.

President of «PLASKE» JSC                                                         Oleg PLATONOV
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